Set Menu

Set A

(Minimum for 2 £19.95/person)

Mix platter

Chicken satay, fish cake, vegetable spring rolls, pork and prawn on toast, golden bags

Main courses

Stir-fried chicken with cashew nuts

Stir-fried prawn with fresh chilli

Green curry with chicken

Stream rice

Set B

(Minimum for 2 £21.95/person)

Mix Platter

Chicken Satay, Fish cakes, Vegetable spring rolls, Pork and prawn on toasts and Golden bags


Tom Yum chicken soup

Main courses

Red curry with chicken

Stir-fried prawn with fresh chilli and Thai herbs

Stir-fried duck with fresh ginger

Stream rice

Set C

(minimum for 2 £17.95/person)

Vegetarian platter

Vegetable spring roll, Vegetables tempura sweet corn cakes, Tofu Tord served with sweet chilli and plum sauce

Main course

Yellow curry with mixed vegetables

Stir-fried bean curd with fresh ginger

Stir-fried mixed vegetables with oyster sauce

Stream rice

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Please note: Our dishes are prepared in an area where allergenic ingredients are present. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that dishes are 100% free of these ingredients. Some dishes may contain traces of nuts, wheat, gluten or other allergenic ingredients. Please ask before you place your order.